Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Good stuff Wednesday

I seem to be managing about one blog post per week these days. 'Fraid it won't get much better for a while. But here's a few good things for today.

April 1 was the day for the FIRST tour and I missed it, but the book is a really good one so I'm going to give you the links a few days late. The book this month is Mary E. Demuth's Wishing on Dandelions. I haven't read it yet, but I did start it and realized it was a book I didn't want to race through. Mary's prose is worth savoring. You can read the first chapter here. You can find out more about Mary's writing -- both fiction and nonfiction -- at her Web site.

My friend Chris has the coolest writing gig in the world (or at least in the religious-satire-loving world) -- he's getting stuff published in the Wittenburg Door Insider (The Door's e-newsletter). Check out his latest contribution.

While I haven't been the submission machine that Chris is, I did get a story submitted for Coach's Midnight Diner, which will be published by the folks at Relief. I wrote a little story about a diner that could be more than it seems. Keep your fingers crossed -- CMD comes out in July, so maybe I'll know something in a month or so.

I've posted my April Notes from the Windowsill Column: Easter People. I hope it will be a reminder of the hope we have, even when all around us seems pretty dark.

Have a blessed Easter.

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Chris said...

Thanks for the linky love, Linda. (not to mention the alliterative opportunity...)

And since we're in different categories at CMD, wishing you all the best with "Diner."