Friday, August 10, 2007

E.G.G., F.R.O.G., A.R.G. ...

Years ago my husband started a game that would provide hours of amusement through my six pregnancies -- making up funny names whose initials would spell words. Since our last name starts with a 'G' it was pretty easy. Of course, when we actually named our children, we tried to avoid spelling anything at all with their initials (unlike one of our kids' classmates, a girl whose initials spelled A.L.F. -- I kid you not).

Now, 29 years later, we are going to have a grandson -- we just found out this week that the upcoming grandchild is a boy. But Julia and Mike are being a bit coy about the name they've picked out and Bob told me I'm not to make suggestions. But that doesn't mean we can't have a little fun ... Julia and Mike's last name also starts with a 'G' so the possibilities are endless:
Edward Gilbert G.
Frodo Robert Oliver G.
Albert Ricardo G.
Play along -- make up your own fun combinations and leave them in the comments. (By the way, I'm sure they've picked out a lovely name and it won't spell anything weird.)

I think being an expectant grandmother is even more fun than being pregnant!

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