Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Catching up

I'm back. Not that I really went away, just stayed home and took care of Bob and watched lots of basketball. And wondered why I even cheer for KU after watching them play like a bunch of freshmen against Bradley Friday night. Oh, wait, they are a bunch of freshmen! Bradley looked really good, though, and I'm glad they've advanced to the Sweet 16. And so has Wichita State! Cool. Of course, my bracket is shot all to pieces, but I did actually have Wichita State making it to the Sweet 16.

Besides basketball, I worked on writing. I'm seriously working on Secrets in Connors Grove once again and I've been revising a new short story and trying to figure out where I should submit it.

I've done a little catching up on blog-reading, too. Deborah's post at The Master's Artist yesterday caught my attention. She's writing about really knowing the Bible and how our understanding of the Bible should inform our writing and our reading. It's a good post and very thought-provoking.

And it's posts like this and this that keep me reading Jordon Cooper. He consistently pulls together comments and ideas that challenge me to really think about what I believe, to recognize the complexity of many issues and not just accept things at face value.

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