Saturday, September 29, 2007

Blog Tour: My Life Unscripted

When I was a teenager in Southern Indiana, pining after a former boyfriend (who was definitely NOT the man God had in mind for me) and writing bad poetry, a book like Tricia Goyer's My Life Unscripted might have helped. Tricia, writing from her own experience, helps teen girls see that the plan God has for their lives is so much better than what they can imagine. And she helps her young readers see that they can't deal with the challenges they face by just living from moment to moment, from one emotional extreme to another. Here's how Tricia describes what she needed:

I lived each day as it came, with no plan for my future, for my relationships, or for my heart. I lived my life completely unscripted . . . and, well, you saw how well that went for me.
How about you? What type of script are you writing for your life?
When I say “script” I’m not talking about career goals or college plans. I’m not talking about current class schedules or finding the unique purpose for your future. While all of those are important, there are other parts of our life we need to script, too, such as:
• Dealing with peer pressure from both guys and friends.
• The search for popularity. How to find it. Or live without. Or be happy in between.
• Relationships with parents. No matter how out of touch with reality they seem to be.
• And living for God without turning your back on the world.
Scripting your life comes down to thinking through struggles—yours as well as the struggles of others—and considering the best approach. While there are dozens of teen books and magazines out there dealing with these relationship type topics, I’m going to lay it all out there by (1) sharing my past experiences (which would be easier and more comfortable to hide), (2) including input from teens just like you, and (3) showing God’s POV (point of view), through God’s Word—the Bible. We’ll dig deep to uncover answers concerning our lives and our place in the world.
Why use the Bible? According to a recent survey, “Almost two-thirds of teens (62 percent) believe that the Bible is totally accurate in all of its teachings.”
If you’re part of this majority, then you’ll already appreciate how God’s Word can help you in everyday life. If you aren’t sure how you feel about the Bible, feel free to stick around and keep an open mind.

If this sounds like you or your daughter or a teenage girl you know, you can read more of the first chapter here. Then go buy the book. My daughters are grown now, but I'm going to share this book with our youth pastor (a woman with a heart for teen girls).

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Tricia Goyer said...


Thank you for sharing about yourself and for hosting my book and I on your blog!

Maybe you could share some of that "bad" poetry with us? wink, wink. :)