Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Tuesday music and more

I've had a cold again and not blogged for a while, but here's some links to catch up with.

I clicked on a New York Times article the other day and discovered Eisa Davis -- a singer, songwriter, actor and playwright -- when her songs started playing when the article opened. I liked her music so much I decided I needed it, so I'm listening to her debut album "Something Else" right now. She has a beautiful warm voice and her music has been described as "stripped down soul with flecks of Joni Mitchell." Her songs feature her own piano-playing, with some drums and guitar in the background -- it's a wonderful sound.

This is an older article from the Times, but it's an interesting look at the demographic landscape as reflected in the most common surnames.

If you are as annoyed by misplaced quotation marks as I am, you'll want to check this out. (found via jen's blog)

Here's a wonderful tribute to Gary Gygax complete with a flow chart of geekdom.

And, finally, the peace symbol is 50! The article gives a succinct history of the design.

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