Friday, March 25, 2005

Easter thoughts

Last night at our Maundy Thursday service we revisited the events leading up to Easter. The communion table is draped as a reminder of the darkness of the next three days. But those days of darkness would soon be gone. He is risen indeed!

The following poem is by a pastor and poet. He's a regular contributor to The Partial Observer.

The Passion of the Christ (Revisited)

He was barely able to bear his own cross.
How he stumbled as if he were lame.
Still the passion of Jesus was more than his stripes.
It was seen in his undying aim.

His passionate love for an indifferent world
drove the Savior to shoulder our shame.
But the torture he felt by accepting our guilt
far exceeded his mere human pain.

Forsaken. Abandoned. Estranged and accursed.
Such agony never there’s been.
The Son was cut-off from the Father of Lights
and eclipsed by the weight of our sin.

But come Sunday morning, the darkness was gone.
The One covered up like a seed,
was buried no longer. He burst forth with life.
Christ is risen! He’s risen, indeed!

by Greg Asimakoupoulos


mira said...

huh, wonder if I know this guy. I know a Nina Asimakoupoulos, seems like a unique last name. Anyway, I've enjoyed reading a few of your blogs. Keep it up =)

lindaruth said...

You might look Greg up on The Partial Observer. I think I linked to it.