Friday, March 18, 2005

What I've been listening to

Lately I've been listening to Phil Keaggy (always one of my favorites). He's an awesome musician and guitarist. One of my favorites is his CD "Blue." It came out around 1994 and is actually the version of "Crimson & Blue" released for the secular market. It's got a rockin' version of "John the Revelator." Keaggy has been lauded by guitar magazines for years and I think he's just a great guy. (And seems to be a truly authentic Christian.) Another favorite project of his is "Invention." His cohorts on that were Wes King and Scott Dente. It's mostly instrumental and has something for everyone. The acoustic pieces are wonderful, but the CD also includes 4 vocal pieces and I really like those, too. The last song on the CD is "Something, Somewhere." Not only does it rock, but it's got good lyrics:

I am neither this nor that, I'm not here or there;
I am in between something and somewhere.

It speaks to the fact that as Christians, it's a process. We're still a work in progress, but God is faithful to complete his work in us.

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