Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Notes from the Windowsill

I've started writing a column for my church's monthly newsletter. It's supposed to be anonymous (though there was a little glitch with that this time, but I'll be anonymous from now on), and I sign it Eutychus. The first column, Falling for Jesus, explains why. I've posted it over at my other blog, so you can read it if you want.

This isn't deep theology, but it gives me a chance to use a couple of my gifts and I appreciate that.

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Brad Boydston said...

The late Edmund Clowney, a reformed theologian, used to write an annonymous humor column in Christianity Today called Eutychus. It was all a big mystery -- with everyone trying to guess his identity. I think they kept his identity a secret until several years after he retired.

I suspect that it would be pretty difficult to keep your identity a secret in the church anyway. It would only take a few guesses and the simple process of elimination and you'd be nailed. Such is small town life.