Friday, July 28, 2006

I need a new Bible (Warning: blatant birthday hint)

I definitely want a new Bible. I write in my Bible a lot and my gigantic NIV study Bible is falling apart. It has fairly wide margins, which I've filled up on many pages, so I've been reluctant to replace it. But I think I've found what I want. The new ESV Journaling Bible, from Crossway. Another blogger has reviewed it here. (Link found on Mark's blog.) After reading the review and seeing pictures, I'm even more impressed. It's got wide, wide margins -- with lines! Yep, this is what I need to bring some order to my chaotic note-taking that sprawls all down the page. So family members, consider this a very earnest and sincere birthday hint.


Julana said...

I saw a funny satiric post somewhere yesterday about the new ESV To-Do Bible coming out. There are to-do lists down the sides of the pages. :-)

lindaruth said...

I suppose it does kind of look like that -- but I like the idea of lines and wider margins. I take notes during SS and sermons and other times and my margins aren't wide enough. I'm always running out of room! And my writing is bad, too.