Monday, July 17, 2006

Monday news and views

The Man Who Kept a Dragon in the Basement is up at DKA. Yay!

Novel Journey has an excellent interview with Chip MacGregor, Associate Publisher with the Hachette Book Group USA. Here's a man who minces no words and suffers no fools -- an excellent interview and worth going back for part 2 tomorrow!

It's 105 degrees today. Ah, Kansas in July. I know that when January comes, I'll look back on this week -- predicted to be over 100 all week -- with wistfulness. But for now, maybe I should go read a story set in winter.


beccamercy7 said...

...doing the First One To Comment Dance...I read your dragon story right after you left, and I loved it. I pictured our basement at C.P. as well as the attic there. Did you ever venture with me in those two wonderful places? Can't remember. I feel like I have both an angel and a dragon. Am I a schizo?? Or merely paranoid?

lindaruth said...

I seem to remember you doing a Haunted House in your attic one Halloween. It always amazed me that your parents let you do Halloween stuff!