Friday, January 26, 2007

Friday reads

I'm involved in women's ministry at the conference level (in my role as coordinator for the Kansas area women ministries in our denomination). The role of women in ministry and how it is discussed is interesting to me. So I found this article from Books and Culture to be especially interesting: A review and essay about Finally Feminist: A Pragmatic Christian Understanding of Gender by John G. Stackhouse, Jr. This sounds like a book I might want to read. And Susan Wise Bauer's essay and review is excellent, as well.

Mark Bertrand has penned a thought-provoking tale at the Master's Artist: The More Things Change: A Pernicious Parable, Depending on Whom You Ask.

I'm reading Stephen King's new novel, Lisey's Story -- stayed up way too late last night. The only other book by him that I've read is On Writing, which I recommend to everyone who likes his books or wants to write a book themselves. It's excellent. The thought occurs to me, though, that if a writer writes a book about writing, readers are going to look at that writer's books with a sharper eye, perhaps. Lisey's Story is a good story, and King writes pretty well from a women's viewpoint, but it seems a bit uneven. I'm not far enough along in the book, though, to know for sure if it's a function of the story or not. But I like the book.

It's CFBA blog tour time again and this week's featured book is If the Shoe Fits, by Marilynn Griffith. You can find out more at the CFBA blog or Marilynn's Web site.

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