Monday, January 22, 2007


Infuze Magazine has opened the voting for its Best of 2006 Anthology and one of my stories is on the list (Confessions of a Christian Mom). They're also taking votes for poetry. There aren't many votes yet, so you need to get over there and vote for your favorite story and favorite poem (only once for each, though -- this isn't Chicago). And tell your friends and family to vote, too.


chrisd said...

Hey-I resemble that remark about the Windy City. Windy, BTW, because of the politicians. Get it?

Looking forward to seeing your post on the tour.

Chris said...

Thanks for posting this, Linda. I'd been to Infuze several times since the polling began and I missed the announcement in the middle of the page each time.

Really enjoyed "Confessions..." by the way.

lindaruth said...