Tuesday, March 20, 2007

CSFF Tour: Double Vision

This month's Christian Science Fiction and Fantasy blog tour features Randy Ingermanson's new novel Double Vision. Not only is Randy well-known for his novels, he's a cottage industry of writing help, with his Web site, Fiction 101 sessions at writer's conferences and on CD, and his Advanced Fiction Writing e-zine (I'm a subscriber). Randy is known for blending science and story in a way that holds readers to the last page. (After all, he is a physicist.) And, he won a Christy award for his novel Oxygen, in 2001. This new novel looks intriguing (and it's on my pile to read, but I haven't gotten to it yet). It's described as humorous romantic suspense. Here's the premise:

Dillon Richard is a brilliant and meticulous engineer, respected by his co-workers at CypherQuanta, but he has never had a woman interested in him before. Now he's got two, and they're giving him double vision . . .

Rachel Meyers is a quirky, erratic biophysicist who has just developed a quantum computer that will change the world. If Rachel and Dillon can bring it to market, CypherQuanta will be worth billions. But someone is determined to steal the secret . . . and create a rift between Rachel and Dillon.

Keryn Wills is a mystery novelist and part-time chief financial officer at CypherQuanta. She desperately needs to keep Rachel and Dillon working together to finish the project, but she desperately doesn't want them to be friends. Now Keryn finds herself on the run, like a character in one of her own novels, as somebody begins tightening a noose around her and Rachel and Dillon. Somehow, she needs to unravel this mystery -- before it unravels her.

Three secrets. Two women. One man. No time.

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