Friday, March 16, 2007

Friday news and views

I guess this is a week for publication news, though I knew this one was coming. If you attend an Evangelical Covenant Church you most likely have seen a little publication called the Covenant Home Altar. It's a quarterly devotional and each week's set of devotions is written by a member of a Covenant church. I have a week of devotions in this issue -- the week of June 10 -- so if you see a copy, pick it up. Or you can order copies or a subscription through the Web site.

Basketball Tournament notes:
K-State won it's NIT game against Vermont on Wednesday evening. Next up is DePaul on Monday. Go 'Cats!

My NCAA bracket isn't in too bad shape yet. I was wrong about Old Dominion, Duke, Gonzaga and Marquette, but of those, I had only picked Gonzaga to advance to the Sweet 16. And I wasn't terribly disappointed that Duke lost to VCU. It was a good game and I was impressed with how VCU played. This seems like a program that could be a factor in years to come.

Texas Tech is out. Yes! Stanford is out. Yes! Further proof that Drexel and K-State should have received bids instead, at least to me.

Tonight KU plays its first game. I guess Niagara is a good team, but I think KU has shown this year that they can play well in tough games. (For ex., coming from behind to beat Texas in the Big 12 tournament championship game.) So they should advance.

In the this-is-just-so-cool category:
Scientists at Purdue have developed a working tricorder. It doesn't look much like the Star Trek models, but it sounds really cool, and useful.

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