Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Yes, it has come again -- time to give myself over to the annual orgy of college basketball that is the NCAA Men's Tournament. I was very disappointed (and I mean VERY) that K-State was not one of the 65, but Texas Tech got in, even after K-State wolloped them in the Big 12 Tournament. Shouldn't winning 22 games and winning 10 games on the road in the Big 12 and finishing 4th in the Big 12 for the regular season count for something? Apparently not. I could whine some more, but it makes no difference now. K-State plays it's first NIT game tomorrow night right here in Bramlage Colliseum, so at least they get some postseason play. I'm hoping they do well.

As for my other basketball school -- KU is a No. 1 seed! The 'Hawks Rock! I do not think they'll fold in the first round this year, either. They've shown they can play in tough games and I'm picking them for the Final Four -- and to win it all. (I'm probably being optimistic, but my bracket will be shot to pieces by the end of the first weekend, so my picks are just for fun, anyway.)

I'm not planning on taking Thursday and Friday afternoons off, but I'll be watching the scores and then go home and watch a lot of basketball. I love the early rounds, especially, when everybody plays with so much heart.

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