Friday, July 06, 2007

Friday goodies

Here's some good music: a new ep by Andrew Osenga (currently of Caedmon's Call) -- Letters to the Editor, Vol. 1. The music is wonderful -- acoustic and vocals, very simple. (Christian Music Today did a review.) He has a new fan. Would you like to have the cd? He's offering it as a free download from his Web site, though you can help out if you want. I like the way he went about writing the songs -- he asked people to send him pictures and stories and this is the result. The download includes a booklet with lyrics and more about how the songs came about. I think it's a neat look into the creative process.

Does the world need another group blog about writing? Well, The Misfits think so, and I say good idea. Check it out.


Chris said...

Thanks for mentioning the Misfits, Linda. Anytime you want to sub for me on Fridays you've got a "special guest star" spot waiting. I mean, we've been published in some of the same spots, so there must be something "wrong" with you, too.

lindaruth said...

Let me know when you want a "sub" and I'll give it a try.

Michelle Pendergrass said...

Thanks for the mention Linda! :)

I'll have guest spot openings as well. Be prepared!