Monday, July 23, 2007

I have read it ...

... and it is good. So very good. I wondered how she would do it -- end the story in such a way as to satisfy fans of the books and yet follow through on the heroic tale she seemed to be telling. Without giving anything away, I can say that J.K. Rowling accomplished it all -- not perfectly, but satisfyingly.

I bought the book Saturday afternoon, went home and started reading about 3:30 p.m. I quit at 11:30 to go to bed, then picked it up again after church yesterday and finished in about 3 hours. (And while I slept, Sam read it -- he's a very fast reader. Joel has it now, Bob and Tim are chomping at the bit.) My brain is still a big boggled by trying to absorb so much in a short time, but I really couldn't put it down. Rowling may not be a great literary stylist, but she knows how to tell a story. I was completely absorbed in the tale and sorry to see it end. For me at least, one mark of an author's skill is the ability to weave a world in such a way that you hate to leave. But the great thing about books is that I can revisit the world anytime I want. And I will want to return to the Harry Potter's world again.

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Justin B. said...

good review. Did you cry when a certain character died and we find more about his past! I got the book at midnight! It was an awesome book with a few flaws like all things!