Saturday, November 03, 2007

Kansas is not flat

And if you want proof of that, check out the Flint Hills Tourism Coalition. I've added a link to them in the sidebar since a member of the group left me a comment yesterday. Where I live is right on the edge of the Flint Hills and I love this part of the state. If you are ever driving along I-70 it would be well worth your time to get off at the exit for K-177 and go south toward Council Grove (and beyond). It's a beautiful drive anytime of year. In the spring and early summer, it's green and covered with wildflowers; in the late summer and fall, the grass starts turning color; in the winter, the land sometimes wears a dusting of snow, but even without snow the shape and structure of the hills has a beauty all its own.
(Edited to correct the highway number -- though U.S. 77 will get you into the Flint Hills, too, but I was referring to the state route that goes through Council Grove.)

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