Monday, November 12, 2007

Monday music and stuff

I'm a big fan of iTunes playlists. It's the only way to organize a big collection. So now I'm listening to my top-rated songs, but starting with the ones I've listened to the least. And I'm liking McAllister better and better. He's got an 80s thing goin' that's good for a gray November day. (the list will catch up eventually) I blogged about his CD a few weeks ago and I'll just mention it again: Strong Tower. It gets better with repeated listenings. (So does Andrew Osenga's Letters to the Editor.) So those are my musical recommendations for today.

It's November here (well, everywhere, I guess) but you wouldn't have known it from the weather the last few days -- beautiful. I took a walk yesterday and enjoyed the warm breeze and the color still on the trees, though lots of leaves have fallen now. The year is winding down, but that's OK. I'm writing again. Some stressful things are behind me and I can think creatively again.

Speaking of writing, I have it from Coach Culbertson himself that the 2008 edition of Coach's Midnight Diner will probably be open for submissions on Nov. 15. Coach will be posting the categories at the Relief Web site so check it out soon. I think I have the perfect story for the next issue of the Diner, so I'll have to get busy revising it so I can submit it. Support Relief with your subscriptions and your submissions, folks -- this is a great outlet for writers who happen to be Christian and don't feel they fit in the traditional "Christian writer" mold.

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