Friday, December 07, 2007

Winter wonderland my foot

Well, it's come all over winter here -- freezing drizzle, sleet, snow, slush, gray skies. It's not doing anything right now, but it did yesterday and it will all weekend. It was pretty when the snow was falling yesterday, but now it's just icy slush on the streets. And it's cold. So bundle up, keep warm and stay inside.

But there are a couple of positive things going on these days: it's less than a month before my grandson is due, and on Dec. 16 we do our adult Christmas program at church. And one of the neat things about the Christmas program is that I wrote it. At least, I wrote the scenes between the songs. Back in the fall the woman who is co-worship coordinator at our church asked me to write some connective scenes for the program, so I did and she's worked on coming up with music. I haven't gotten to see much of the acting practice because I've been in music practice, but what I've seen is fun. It's exciting to hear my words coming from actual people's lips and see how the scenes are coming to life. It's not a full-fledged play, but I think it does provide some continuity to the program and tells a little story of hope and redemption. So (shameless plug coming) if anyone happens to be passing near Clay Center Evangelical Covenant Church on Dec. 16 (at 7 p.m.), stop and see.


Anonymous said...

I co-wrote our Christmas Walk-thru drama one year. (Different scenes in different rooms...people go on a guided Christmas story "tour" through the whole bldg....hence the title, "Walk-Thru"). I can so relate about the cool weirdness of hearing others saying your own words out loud. It ended up being the last one my friend would direct, as she suddenly died of cancer, so it was extra poignant to look back upon. If I lived closer, I'd come see yours.

Anonymous said...

~Forgot to sign my name....'twas me, Thy Longest Friend, Rebecca