Thursday, December 13, 2007

Winter wonderland, part 2

Everything is still ice-covered around here. Clay Center and Manhattan were both hit pretty hard by the ice storm, so lots of things aren't quite back to normal. We have electricity to part of our house because only one of the wires to our house was pulled out at the pole. Once we figured that out, an electrician was able to bypass something so our furnace would kick on (because it was in the part of the house that didn't have electricity). We had lots of limbs down around our house, but we are fortunate that no big limbs came through our roof -- that happened to people around town. If you go to you'll see some pictures from Clay Center. Clay Center has lots of big, pretty trees but I have a feeling they won't be so pretty now. It was kind of freaky to go outside Tuesday morning and see the tops of trees falling as I watched. It may warm up a little today, but I don't know how much will melt -- but the sun is shining so that should help.

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