Saturday, April 09, 2005

Got a pocketful ...

of really fun music. I'm listening to the Spin Doctors -- right now it's Jimmy Olsen's Blues. Very fun song. [I think Jimmy Olsen must have been Norwegian (the 'e' instead of 'o'). I know this because here in Kansas there are a lot of people of Swedish descent.]

Anyway, I haven't listened to the Spin Doctors in quite a while. Don't know why -- it's cool music. Maybe I should listen to this while I write (along with Collective Soul -- for some reason these two groups go together in my mind). It might help me keep moving along better.

I tried to write today. Actually, I tried to rewrite. The more I reread my novel, the more I realize it needs LOTS of work. It needs to be tighter, to get to the action quicker. I think I like the first writing better than rewriting -- rewriting is necessary, but it feels more like work and it's easy to procrastinate.

No more deep thoughts. I'll groove to Chris Barron instead.

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