Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Sugar and spice and everything in its place

Yesterday I talked about my boys -- today it's my daughters' turn. I could tell some stories ...

I have two wonderful daughters, Julia and Megan. Julia is four years older than Megan, but they've always seemed closer in age. They're smart, beautiful, funny and very organized. I suspect it is in reaction having a mother who is somewhat less than organized much of the time. But maybe they inherited some of their father's organizational ability.

There was a time when they were growing up that I wondered if they would ever get along. But now that they're grown, they've become much closer and seem united in their desire to keep their mother on track. Here's an example. Megan graduates from college in Chicago next week. Julia and I are flying up a few days early to help Megan pack and just hang out. So yesterday I got an e-mail from Megan -- a detailed, color-coded itinerary for our visit. I was in awe -- I am not worthy. When Julia got married a few years ago, she sent everyone a detailed, hour-by-hour plan for her wedding day. I must say, it seemed a little excessive to me, but by golly it worked. So there's something to be said for being well-organized.

Julia and Megan are both on the threshold of new phases of their lives: Megan graduates from college and will have a job in Alaska next year (that's so far away!) and Julia starts law school in August. I'm not worried about them, though. Yes, it will be changes for them both. Megan will be farther away from home than she's ever been, but she's thrived in Chicago for four years -- I think she's ready for Alaska. (But is Alaska ready for her?) Julia realized that she won't be working at a job for the first time since she was in junior high (she worked almost full-time all through college). But her husband has a good job and I reminded her that law school is a job in itself.

Both my girls are strong, confident women -- much stronger and more confident than I was when I was in my 20s. They're going to rock the world and I can't wait to see what happens.

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