Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Some good stuff ...

A smorgasboard today:

Read My Writer's Group today. Go ahead, do it now; I'll wait for you. As always, Mick Silva has nailed his subject on the head.

Another thing worth reading today is William F. Buckley's essay for the NPR series "This I Believe." He's a good example of what some of the comments on Mick's thoughts mention -- faith and intellect can exist in the same person.

On a less serious note:

Infuze has posted a very cool teaser trailer for the upcoming Chronicles of Narnia movie "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe" here. You can choose your viewing media and download size. From what I saw, it was impressive. I thought it looked like I've always pictured Narnia and the music was great. I'm beginning to look forward to this. I think the movie comes out in November.

I'm probably a little behind the curve, but I found a cool site today: BoingBoing. It truly is a directory of wonderful things!

And tonight I will abandon myself to shameless couch-pototohood and watch the 2-hour finale of American Idol. Go Bo! (I've always had a soft spot for Southern rockers.)

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