Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Template tampering

I've added a few things to my sidebar: my blogroll from Bloglines and links to a couple of other blogs I read from time to time. I like the Internet Monk because he rants intelligently and seems to have covered a broad range of subjects from the emergent church to why Christian art needs real criticism. And I think I like Waiter Rant because being an editor for extension publications is not unlike being a waiter — I know what it's like to have to serve a bunch of clients who all want what they want NOW (and don't seem to realize that you have five other customers who want the same thing!). (But just a warning, the waiter who rants sometimes uses choice language. But he also tells fascinating stories. Sometimes I wonder if he makes them up, but even if he does, they're still good stories.)

And in other news, tonight American Idol gets narrowed down to the last two. I'm rooting for Bo and Carrie!

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