Wednesday, February 08, 2006

A couple of things

I'm rather snowed under at work, with a big project deadline looming and several others needing attention, as well. And I'm still writing my next Adam Caldwell story -- I had some good ideas for it and am trying to get it done when I have a few spare moments at lunch time or at home. All this to say that my blogging time is limited.

But I still try to ready my favorites and today I liked something Jordon said about churches and accentuating the positive:
I wish there was more local church weblogs. Telling stories and posting some pictures of the church in action, discussion in community, and just showing what communities of Christ followers are actually doing in the world, rather than ranting about it. ... Stories are so important and need to be told. I don't think that our ranting about what is wrong will change that much but telling stories of hope, joy, and engagement in our communities just may.

What he says makes a lot of sense to me. It's too easy to focus on the negative, which often leads to a sense of helplessness.


Julana said...

One of the nicest uses of blogs I've seen is where a network of people from the same church all link to each other, and keep up with each others' lives that way.

Lori said...

Linda, I'm actually in process of putting up a blog for our church where we do exactly that: tell the stories that make up our daily lives. Just being the church is so much more effective than "ranting". After all, the world is supposed to know we are Christians by the love we show for one another. I feel this would be a good way to talk about that. (Hope I make sense! I'm very sleepy right now...)