Friday, February 03, 2006

Here's my Super Bowl pick

When I was laying out sports pages all the time, I learned to like football better. I even wrote a column about it. So I pay more attention to the game now and I'm feeling a little torn about who to root for. Mike Holmgren is a Covenanter and an all-around decent guy. There's been some good coverage of his wife's trip to Africa and the role faith plays in their lives. (Brad linked to a couple of good stories here and here.) But I like the Steelers, too, maybe because I've seen more of their games, but I like their approach and determination. And Troy Polomalu is just awesome. So I'm hoping the Steelers win, but I won't be terribly upset if they lose. How's that for wishy-washiness?

(By the way, if you read my column, I comment about quarterbacks having short names. That obviously won't fly this year since I can't even spell Ben's and Matt's last names and it's a wonder the uniform makers get them on the back of their jerseys. I'm still rooting for Ben.)

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