Monday, February 06, 2006

My hierarchy of sports

Yesterday on the way home from church I said to my husband that when we got home KU would probably be playing basketball on TV. I said this with a tone of eager expectation. Bob replied that there would also be golf on TV, as if that was something to look forward to. This led to a brief discussion (because it's a short drive from church) about sports I do, and do not, look forward to watching. College basketball is a sport I will anticipate watching, even plan to watch. (I go a little nuts during the NCAA tournament.)

Golf is not a sport that I ever plan on watching, which is not to say that I never watch it. I do, sort of. But I don't usually stay riveted to the TV. I get up and put clothes in the washer, go out to the kitchen, cook something, come back and watch a little, take the clothes out of the washer and put them in the dryer, watch a little more golf, take a nap, watch more golf -- and realize I haven't really missed a whole lot. So golf is not high on my hierarchy of sports.

I will anticipate watching football, too, especially if it's the Chiefs, or the Super Bowl. I was the only woman at our small group's Super Bowl party last night who actually watched the game. I even got a little excited, but that's me.

So, yesterday ended up being a very good sports day for me: KU beat Oklahoma, overcoming a 16-point deficit; the Steelers won the Super Bowl, which I was very happy about; and I did watch a little golf and saw a kid named J.B. Holmes get his first PGA tour win in an impressive fashion.

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