Friday, April 21, 2006

Friday stuff

It's a beautiful day here. I hope you're having a lovely day where you are, too. Just a couple of notes today:

A correction: Kathleen Popa's To Dance in the Desert will be published by RiverOak in 2007. You can still read the first chapter here. It's a lovely story and I'm looking forward to when it comes out.

If you are interested in journalism, if a free press matters to you, you may want to spend some time reading Jay Rosen's blog, PressThink. Rosen is a professor who has been observing journalism culture and related issues for a long time. He's an original and articulate thinker and you'll come away with a lot to think about, whether you agree with him or not. I first became familiar with him when I was a grad student and read some of his writing about public (or civic) journalism. I got to hear him speak a couple of times at journalism education conferences and was impressed. His posts are usually pretty long, but interesting and worth your time.

I guess that's all, folks. Have a great weekend.

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