Friday, June 23, 2006

Friday news and views

My "Confessions" seem to have struck a chord (and not just with women), which is cool, and a little disconcerting. Jules even put a link to the story at The Master's Artist. I never thought I'd see myself on the page between Bertrand and Snyder. And I got an e-mail this morning from a Christian radio host in North Carolina -- Tami Rumfelt at WBFJ.FM -- who wants to use it in a devotion (with appropriate credit, of course). But I'm not complaining.

Thanks to the aforementioned Tami, I found another blog to read: Dave Burchett's "Confessions of a Bad Christian." I browsed a bit today and I'm adding it to my already long list of places to visit regularly. Burchett's written a couple of books I need to find, too: When Bad Christians Happen to Good People and Bring 'em Back Alive. Both seem to be about the damage we do to each other and look pretty interesting.

I read a good interview yesterday on with Michael Card, The Wounded Worshiper. Excellent and thought-provoking. He makes some good points about sorrow and lamenting in Christian life. I think more and more people are rejecting the mistaken notion that the Christian life is always supposed to be happy and easy. It's not. But it can be joyful. There's a difference.

I'm listening to Jeff Healey, Live at Montreaux 1999. The guy can even break a string (on Roadhouse Blues) and carry on. Very cool.

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