Monday, June 05, 2006

Monday news and views

While I was eagerly looking forward to finding out how I did in the Dragons, Knights and Angels fiction contest, I can't say that I was surprised with the results. The winning story was "The Fortunate Purgatory of Arthur MacArthur" by Chris Mikesell. It's an excellent, and delightfully twisted, story and it'll appear on the DKA Web site June 27. (I got to read it before it was submitted, so I knew what I was up against.) I didn't place, but I'm OK. According to the editors at DKA, they got a lot of good entries and they'll be publishing more of the stories. So I guess I'll see if The Man Who Kept a Dragon in His Basement still has a chance of publication.

It was not an exciting weekend at my house, which was nice. I did score a couple of bargains from the library's book sale table: The Reader's Digest Family Word Finder and an anthology of American literature (19th and 20th century) from Macmillan (not the famed Norton anthology). The Word Finder is a thesaurus kind of book, but with more information; the anthology has lots of good stuff, especially poetry. Oh, and the books cost me a whole 25 cents. Yep, one quarter. I love my library book sale.


Megan said...

You know, there are AT LEAST 3 Norton Anthologies in the closet upstairs if you are really desperate for them... :) And these ones come with the bonus of your brilliant daughter's class notes!

Chris said...

Thanks for the advance review, Linda.

I've still got a couple NAs from my college days: 5th ed. Eng. Lit, 3rd ed. Short Fic.

Sharon said...

Hi Linda,
Are'nt library and garage sales just the greatest for finding cheap books???I love husband on the other just rolls his eyes as I head for the book tables ...LOL...he's NOT a bookworm at all!Have a blessed day!