Monday, June 12, 2006

Which saint am I?

This is how I started out my work week -- taking another wacky quiz. (Thanks Megan) By the way, if you're wondering who Julian is, here's the Wikipedia article.

Which Saint Are You?

You are Julian of Norwich! It's all about God, to you. You're convinced that the world has a happy ending. Everyone else is convinced that you're a closet hippie, but you love them anyway.
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MeganBritt said...

there's no need to convince me - i KNOW you are a closet hippie!

beccamercy7 said...

I'm Julian too...even though I have no idea who she is...was she a hippie too? in the closet? :-)

Chris said...

I am "Athanasius! You are willing to fight a losing battle, just to make sure that the truth is told. But don't get discouraged; sometimes it takes more than one lifetime for truth to triumph."

lindaruth said...

These kinds of quizzes are so much fun. :) And for some odd reason the results usually fit pretty well.