Monday, October 30, 2006

Monday news and views

First of all, I had a great weekend with Megan at home. And she got the whole home church experience -- a fall cookout and bonfire at one of the member's homes on Saturday night, and a potluck dinner at church on Sunday. We are a church that knows how to cook -- and eat. Very fun.

Mir rants so much better than me, so I'll direct you to her comments on Angelica Magazine. And yes, she mentions the fact that I had a story accepted, but since I never signed a contract, never received a check and haven't heard much from them, I haven't given it a lot of thought. The editor actually asked to use the first story I had published in Infuze, so I didn't go through the submission process; I worked with a freelance editor on a revision, which I turned in about a year ago. The editor and the freelancer I worked with were nice but I have no idea what's holding up the magazine's publication -- updates would have been nice. Publishing a new magazine is such an iffy venture, I guess I was a little skeptical of actually seeing a copy.

On the other hand, my experience with Dragons, Knights and Angels was completely professional. They sent a contract, they sent a check, they published the story when they said they would. If you write Christian speculative fiction, give it a try.

Speaking of DKA, they've announced the winners of their first poetry contest and Chris placed third. Way to go!

Finally, I've posted my November newsletter column: We Are Not Alone.

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