Friday, November 10, 2006

I'm a Mac ... er, uh Christ-follower

Here's something truly funny to start off your weekend. I came across this link to a series of little videos parodying the Mac vs. PC commercials. The twist? "I'm a Christian, I'm a Christ-follower." If you like a little gentle fun-poking at our Christian pretensions, you'll like these (there's 4 of them).


MTR said...

I have a different take. I like CCC of Naperville, it's a good place, but I think they're off-base here, because this appears condescending. Hey, I agree with the sentiment. Unfortunately it appears mostly judgmental and rude.

Here's my take:

lindaruth said...

Thanks for posting your link. I see your point. I guess I enjoyed the parody more. But it's a fine line to walk and what's funny to one person will seem rude to another. That's good to remember.

Anonymous said...

Oh, don't mind MTR. He's been copying and pasting that comment on every blog. Is he out to get them?