Friday, August 04, 2006

Friday news and views

We had a brief respite from the heat, but it's coming back. I'm reminded of a few days I spent out in Phillipsburg (in Western Kansas) a few years ago, also in early August -- it was about 107 every day.

I would like to point you to The Master's Artist today: Mark has good thoughts about Questions You Can't Answer Yet.

Mick Silva posted some very good suggestions about how to pitch a novel at a writer's conference: ACFW Dos and Don'ts. I really wish I could go to that conference, but it is not to be -- at least not this year. I'll hang onto these tips for future reference, though.

I'm listening to some good music -- a singer/songwriter named Josh Woodward. He releases his music with a Creative Commons license and it's free to download (though I'm sure he'd appreciate your support). He's got some good songs. (I found the link via The Best Media is Free, which I found via BoingBoing.)

OK, here's one more thing. Chip Scanlon, of the Poynter Institute, is blogging. He calls it The Mechanic & the Muse: an owner's manual for writers -- and it's just that. He's posted a good entry about narrative brevity. As he says, we can learn a lot from songwriters.

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