Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Weird Google blogging

By the way, you will notice that these posts have no titles (except for this little color title I put on, but it's not in the regular title bar). That's because Goggle is working out bugs with their new Blogger Beta and I can't seem to get to the Dashboard for normal posting. So I'm posting from Journaler, which works fine, but doesn't post titles. I looked at the info this morning for Blogger Beta and it looks pretty nice, but they're still working out some bugs so I thought I'd wait, but I can't seem to log in correctly on my old Blogger account. Apparently, that's a bug, too. There is a part of me that resists switching right now because you can't undo it and I don't want to be forced to.

Update: OK, I finally got to my dashboard in a sort of roundabout way -- through the Google homepage (the one that lists all the google services) and then clicking on Blogger. So I added the title to this post. Very strange. Definitely waiting to switch.

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