Wednesday, August 09, 2006

I've been reviewed!

Tangent Online reviews short fiction, of the speculative variety. Among the publications they regularly include is Dragons, Knights and Angels. Recently they reviewed Chris' award-winning story so I was curious to see if they would look at the issue where The Man Who Kept a Dragon in the Basement appeared. Well, they did. The reviewer said, and I quote:
“The Man Who Kept a Dragon in the Basement” by Linda Gilmore was a delight to read. Flawless presentation and a tastefully comedic style make this story my favorite in this issue.

Whoo-hoo! There's a little more, so go check it out yourself.


jimcoonce said...

congrats! Linda. I agree with them, but of course, I may be a little biased!! <|:-)

MeganBritt said...

woot woot, mama!

Chris said...

Excellent taste they have over there at Tangent. Congrats!

tunz4jesus said...

Found you from Jesus Creed, Katie's mom. Hope to spend some time and read your blog, they kind of frown on it while I am working.
Best wishes,

lindaruth said...

Thanks everybody, and welcome Shari.

beccamercy7 said...

Whoo- HOO! I agree with them! I like that story! You go gurl!