Friday, September 08, 2006

Friday news and views

I've been trying to do a little updating around the blogs and I posted the current version of the first few chapters of Secrets in Connors Grove over at my writing blog (creatively named Lindaruth's Writing). Feel free to check it out and leave a comment. I want to return to revising it, after I finish a story I'm working on.

I think every time the 'edgy' or 'not safe' debate makes the rounds of the Christian writers blogs I read, it develops a little more, or becomes more clear. Mick Silva posted his latest "Reality Check" and it's about writing "safe books." Today, Mark has reposted his column "Safe or Good?". And, related, is this post at Faith in Fiction: "Violence in Christian Fiction." However you feel about what writers who are Christians should write about, and how they should write about it, it's important to think about these issues. It's also important to recognize that many will hold different opinions and it doesn't mean they're somehow lacking as Christians. (Consider this Linda's customary admonition to play nice.)


Anonymous said...

The Bible isn't a "safe" book to read. There's rapes, murder, prostitution and every kind of sexual sin, all kinds of meaness, and all manner of sin described in it.
Plus, if you read the King James version, there's words in there that I woulda had my mouth washed out with soap for saying! I learned this while reading Leviticus aloud to the children. It was not as boring as we thought it was gonna be!
I'm guilty of writing "safe". It's not scary to read about unsafe things in the Bible...but when you actually KNOW the people you're writing about, (especially yourself?)it's painful.

Anonymous said...

P.S. Didn't mean for that comment to be "safe" by sending it anonymously...just can't get it to work any other way. lol ~Rebecca

lindaruth said...

You need a blogger account, then it would be easy. :)