Thursday, September 28, 2006

Thursday news and views

The annual conference is over and our presentation about copyright and plagiarism went well. I think we may get something we can present at next year's ACE conference out of this. We had a lot of good discussion.

I've done some catching up with my reading and here's some things worth reading, mostly on the theme of excellence:

Dick Staub answers his critics about his views on a recently-released movie.

Mick is once again taking on low quality in CBA.

(added later) I just saw Mark's post on a similar theme, today. He offers a good, balanced perspective on encouraging quality in our art without tearing down the artist.

Mark talks about craft and genre.

Richard Dansky talks about genre and literary criticism.

Infuze has a great interview with Andrew Beaujon, who wrote one of my favorite books of the year, Body Piercing Saved My Life.

Christian Music Today has an excellent commentary about worship by Matthew Ward. His point is that we need to remember where our worship should be focused, and that we worship as a community. I remember seeing Second Chapter of Acts a couple of times in the early 1980s (the group Ward was in with his sisters Annie Herring and Nellie Ward) and both times were an amazing worship experience, in all the ways he talks about in this excerpt from his book.

Finally, I've posted my October column: Seek His Presence. The women of our church had a prayer retreat a couple of weeks ago and it reminded me of how much I need to do this. We're also going to start a 24/7 prayer room. God is calling his people to pray.

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