Friday, September 29, 2006

Happy Birthday

Very early this morning (at 2:44 a.m. to be precise) my daughter Megan turned exactly 24 years old. I didn't call her, though over the years I've been tempted to wake her up at the time when she made her first appearance in the world. Actually, she started making herself known several months before -- she was a strong kicker.

I could tell lots of Megan stories, but she'd probably be embarrassed, so I'll leave you with something that's probably just as embarrassing -- a couple of pictures.

I think she's about 3 in this picture -- she's handing around gifts at a bridal shower.

And this one was taken this summer, along Lake Michigan at Kenosha, Wis. That's her cousin Aidan with her. (My nephews adore her.) (Fixed because I misspelled his name earlier)

Megan lives in Chicago now and works for North Park University, in the communications office. She's also taking seminary classes and volunteers with the youth group at my brother's church. God is going to do cool stuff with this young woman and we're very proud of her.

Happy Birthday, Megan!


jimcoonce said...

Megan celebrated her birthday with her Aunty Steph seeing Third Day and David Crowder down in Peoria, IL. I stayed home with the nephews who adore her! Btw, no "e" in Aidan. <8^)

amo said...

i work with megan at npu, and we adore her here, as well! my days aren't quite as much fun when she's not here. a group is celebrating her tomorrow night at her very own abode.

happy birthday, megan!


amo said...

ps--i love the pic of her at three. LOVE it!

MeganBritt said...

thanks mama. you know, next year, when i turn 25 that means you'll be 50.... just a little less than 50 weeks away... and yes, i'm counting! :)