Thursday, September 07, 2006

Writing like a rock star

Writing wisdom from Gilby Clark, on Rockstar: Supernova: You don't have to be so specific, be more universal. Don't explain too much.

Writing wisdom from Hugh (aka Mike Snyder): "Just forget all that stuff and write, man."

Free Derek Webb. Really. Read about what he's doing with his music and download Mockingbird. I already did and it's very good.

What I'm listening to (via When I figure out how to make the code work, I can have a list of what I'm listening to show up on my blog, but it never seemed to work right yesterday.


MeganBritt said...

mom, why are you cooler than i am?

oh, wait. you have more time to play online at work than i do. ...and your own office...not a hallway... that's why!

lindaruth said...

Megan, I'll never be cooler than you are -- I can't even say the word 'cool' in a cool way. ;) But I do play online too much.