Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Interesting reading today

In my morning rambles I found some good stuff.

First of all, Christian Music Today features a good commentary about musicians who are being salt and light in the world, rather than isolating themselves in only "Christian" circles. This relates very closely to the conversation at Faith in Fiction about our roles as writers who are Christians. I especially like the quote from T-Bone Burnett, near the end of the article: "You can sing about the Light, or you can sing about what you see because of the Light." Yes.

Mark pointed me (near the end of his post) to this article on the Thinklings Weblog about Bono's articulate presentation of the Gospel. (And as I write this I'm listening to Delirious? singing "I'm not ashamed of the Gospel" -- how appropriate!) I'm becoming more and more a fan of U2.

I also want to point you to Cerulean Sanctum today. Dave reacts to Andy Crouch's speech at the Christy Awards banquet and expresses some interesting thoughts about why we need heroes in fiction.

Fellow Covenanter Glenn Wolf has a blog now. Glenn blogs about his travels as a trucker and whatever else comes to mind.

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