Sunday, July 03, 2005

Vive la ... ?

I use StatCounter to track visits to my blog and I discovered that someone from France has visited. I think that's the first time I've had a visitor from France. Very cool. I always appreciate comments, by the way. (Hint, hint)

Also, fellow Fif'er TS Beckett has a blog now. Welcome! Pay him a visit. He has a lyrical way with words, I might add.

This is a holiday weekend -- so why am I messing around on the computer? Have a safe and entertaining 4th of July. We will join many of our friends from church for a picnic and fireworks extravaganza that has become an eagerly anticipated annual event -- much like Bilbo's birthday party. One of the hosts even has hobbit-like qualities. Lots of food, fun and fellowship in the best kind of way.


Julana said...

How does he know this?

For example did you know that if no one is looking an electron has a different spin than if someone is looking?

lindaruth said...

I have no idea. Ask him . :)

But I know all kinds of weird things because of that whole encyclopedia reading thing. :)