Thursday, July 14, 2005

Nobody's perfect ...

Certainly not me! I'm coordinating a women's retreat and discovered yesterday that the brochures we sent out earlier this week left out a significant bit of info -- the dates of the retreat! A-a-a-a-h!!!

After kicking myself thoroughly, I set to work trying to get the correct information out to our contacts in all the Covenant Churches in Kansas and the Kansas City, Mo., area. I sent e-mails, fixed the brochure, made copies at church and then I stayed up pretty late last night addressing envelopes to mail today. I'm hoping that this will work out OK.

But all these things remind me that for anything like this to work and be beneficial, it has to be a God thing. If the retreat is successful -- as God measure success -- it won't really be because of my efforts. In fact, it will definitely be IN SPITE of my efforts.

I wasn't coordinator last year, but I had just come on the retreat board, so I'm really new at this. But I saw a good example of how God can work things to his glory and our benefit with our retreat last year. Our speaker had to cancel at the last minute because of a personal crisis. We had no idea who to ask instead. But someone in the Midwest Conference Women's Ministry board suggested a person, so we asked her. She was a delightful lady named Edna Blake and she was wonderful. In fact, she seemed to say exactly what many people needed to hear.

So I know it doesn't depend on me, but I still feel like an idiot. But today, as I was listening to my Rockin' for Jesus playlist on the way to work I heard more than one song that reminded me that God is so much bigger than me. I like the Smalltown Poets song "Scenario." He sings, "My faults do run deep, Your mercies do run deeper." Amen.


Valerie Comer said...

Amen. It's all about Him, and He can take care of all that. But I can also feel your pain at having missed inserting that vital info! ;)

Some of my family attends a Covenant church here in BC, but its not a denomination that is common in most places I've lived. I find it interesting to meet a Covenanter on the internet!

lindaruth said...

Yeah, there's a few of us out here. I'd never heard of the Covenant church when I was growing up, but we found one we really liked here in Kansas. I link to Brad Boydston, a Covenant pastor in California, as well as the Covenant blogs aggregator that just started recently.