Thursday, July 28, 2005

Thursday reading

I found this yesterday at the Annals of Improbably Research: Better-than-zero essay competition. This is a perfect example of why "military intelligence" is an oxymoron.

Here's a totally bizarre story from the Topeka Capital-Journal: Man's amputated foot returned to him after police seize it.

Paula Rader was granted an emergency divorce. Unless you've followed the story, you may not know she's the wife (of 34 years) of the man who confessed to being the BTK serial killer. She's spent most of the time since her husband was arrested in seclusion. Dennis Rader will be sentenced on Aug. 17 for the 10 murders he confessed to; none of those murders were committed while the death penalty was in effect in Kansas. The Wichita Eagle has covered the story extensively and you can read more here.

And, finally, some kids fishing near Wichita found a freaky fish.


Julana said...

I am so sorry for Paula Rader. I cannot imagine how she must feel.

lindaruth said...

Boy, you're quick! :)

And I feel sorry for her, too. I think she's probably been through an awful lot. I can't imagine how she deals with this. Except for the families of the victims, I think I feel most sorry for her.