Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Blog Tour: "Landon Snow and the Auctor's Riddle"

I love books. This probably comes as no surprise to most people. So it's a real pleasure to recommend a book that is written by someone who also so obviously loves books. R.K. (Randy) Mortenson's first novel, for children, is called Landon Snow and the Auctor's Riddle and the story unfolds as an 11-year-old boy finds himself in a huge library in the middle of the night and then falls into a book and into a whole new world. The characters are engaging and believable and the story is pulling me right along (I'm about half-way through). Randy's got a knack for descriptive language, too.

For me, part of the joy of books is their feel. This book does not disappoint — it's hardbound with beautiful cover art, nice quality paper and very readable type. It's a good size for children to hold — even when reading under the covers with a flashlight. You won't want to trade this in at the used book store or put in your garage sale. It's a keeper — both because of the quality of the storytelling and the quality of the binding.

Randy has a nice Web site for the book, too, with a few hidden goodies. So if you have any grade-school age kids, this would make an excellent Christmas gift (and you want to make sure you get a turn to read it, too).


The Curmudgeon's Rant said...

Linda, I enjoyed your review. You are so right; this is an excellent book for kids. I loved it too, so I guess that makes me a big kid. : )

M. C. Pearson said...

Hello again...stopping by from the blog alliance. My son, age 10, read the book in one day. The stinker! He finished it before I did. (He loved it.) It is a fun Wonderland kind of adventure.