Friday, December 16, 2005

Friday fun

I haven't posted a list of Friday links for a while, but I've found several good things worth sharing lately.

I've received Bob Kauflin's* Worship Matters column in my e-mail for several years now and he never fails to have some valuable insight into what God desires in our worship and in our lives. He's especially made me more conscious of the depth (or lack thereof) in the music we sing in church. And now he has a blog. He's got some good posts up right now about Christmas carols and other good music.

Here's another goody that came through e-mail: An Eight-Dollar Bed is featured in the latest Door Insider (that's the Wittenburg Door e-mail newsletter). In the midst of the humor and satire, the Doorkeepers usually manage to throw in some food for thought, and this article falls in that category.

Have you noticed the latest Christmas decorating fad? Inflatable snow globes. I saw one in someone's yard a few weeks ago as we were traveling back from Illinois and I was more or less mind-boggled. Though some of the boggling was due to the fact that the huge inflatable thing was in a yard already packed with candy canes, snowmen, and Santa and his reindeer. I would think a thing like that could give a kid nightmares.

Finally, here's a cute little timewaster, courtesy of the Doorkeepers: Deck the House. Have fun.

*If you were a Glad fan in the 1980s, you should remember who he is.

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