Friday, December 16, 2005

Then and now

My brother sent me pictures from my parents' 50th anniversary reception, so I thought I'd share. I think I've posted the first one before.

That's my parents, Charles and Margaret Coonce, with (left to right) me, Jim and Tim in front. I think it was Easter, sometime in the mid-60s. Yes, Jim's a redhead. I love Tim and Dad's matching flattops. I have blue-framed cat-eye glasses, and I was so pleased with my matching dress and coat outfit. I'm guessing Mom set my hair the night before either in pin-curls or on those prickly brush rollers (which I hated).

Mom and Dad get to sit down, Tim, me and Jim stand behind. Tim and I take after Dad -- we both got gray pretty young. Jim's still a redhead, but it's somewhat thinner than before. And of course, my brothers got taller than me.


Julana said...

Thank you for sharing that. What story those pictures imply.
Love that hat.

beccamercy7 said...

OH! Oooooohhhhh!!! I *remember* your glasses and your dad's glasses and tha flat-tops and *everything*! How fun!! I hated those dang curlers too. I remember the blue coat,(mine was pink) but not the hat. We probably tossed our hats to play. They're a botheration. Wish we coulda been there. Love ya! ~Rebecca