Friday, December 02, 2005

Blogging for the lazy

It's Friday, I'm cold and I'm lazy. I'm having a hard time focusing my thoughts, so I'll point you to some thoughts that are more focused.

Mark Bertrand posts about Structure and Direction in Fiction today at The Master's Artist. There's a lot of meat there, but I liked this thought in particular:
A lot of folks, for example, talk about writing from a Christian worldview without appearing to (a) really know how to write or (b) have a truly Christian worldview! There's a place for everyone, of course, and God uses the humblest means to bring about undreamt-of outcomes. But as good stewards of whatever creative gifts we've been given, we ought to apply ourselves to craft as a way of exploring the God-given structure of our art, while at the same time working toward a redemption -- not just thematic, but total -- of our work.

I was struck by the idea of being a good steward of the creativity God has given me. That seems to help keep things in perspective.

I want to go to London. (Randall Friesen takes nice pictures.) I love the way the light hits the buildings. Awesome.

Here's a good timewaster: The Grid Game. (thanks for the link Chris)

And, finally, two people (the aforementioned Chris and Julana) tagged me for the meme of Sevens. I promise, I'll do it next week. This will take some thinking.

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