Thursday, January 12, 2006

The Master's Men

When I turned on my computer this morning, this picture was in the little picture frame widget I have.

This was at my parent's 5oth anniversary and the men in the picture are my brothers, cousins and uncle. Tim and Jim, my brothers, are the guys on either end. In between are Tom, Kerry and their dad, my Uncle Tom. When we were all in college in the mid-70s, early 80s, Uncle Tom was a music professor at the small Christian college we attended and he directed a men's chorus called ... The Master's Men. I think maybe Tim (the oldest) and Kerry (the youngest) weren't in it at the same time, but they were all in Master's Men at some point. So they sang a song at the anniversary party and it was just beautiful.

So I just thought I'd put this up for fun, and to honor some guys who truly are the Master's men, in every way.

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